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Miles’s Persona in 10 Aspects of the Huge 5 — Confessions of a Provide-Aspect Liberal

Listed below are the outcomes of my very own character check utilizing the ten facets of the Huge 5, expressed as percentiles:

  1. Agreeableness: 11

    • Compassion 42

    • Politeness 2

  2. Conscientiousness: 63

    • Industriousness: 97

    • Orderliness: 7

  3. Extraversion: 86

    • Enthusiasm: 79

    • Assertiveness: 85

  4. Neuroticism: 14

    • Withdrawal: 6

    • Volatility: 34

  5. Openness to Expertise: 95

    • Mind: 96

    • Openness: 84

The total report on me is right here.

So I don’t sound too dangerous, let me quote this within the report about “Politeness”:

People who find themselves exceptionally low in politeness problem and confront authority – and they aren’t obedient. If they’re respectful, it’s grudgingly, and can solely be manifested towards individuals who regularly each deserve and demand it. They’re comfy confronting different individuals, and luxuriate in it. Individuals extraordinarily low in politeness are motivated to have interaction in battle, and to hunt out confrontation.

Be aware how completely different I’m on the 2 facets of agreeableness. I’m additionally very completely different on the 2 facets of conscientiousness: excessive on Industriousness, however low on Orderliness. Within the description related to being low in orderliness, I resonate to those two bits:

  • “… non-judgmental and devil-may-care of their attitudes towards themselves and others.”

  • “dislike schedules, record, or routines”

Nonetheless, I like routines fairly nicely if I made them up myself.

The facets of the Huge 5 can assist predict different outcomes of curiosity:

  • Excessive IQ and Industriousness are good predictors of earnings. The opposite 9 facets not a lot. (Openness to Expertise is constructive correlated with creativity, however I’ll wager creativity is extra intently associated to the variance of earnings than to the imply of earnings.)

  • Excessive Openness to Expertise and Low Orderliness are good predictors of being politically Liberal.

  • Excessive Agreeableness and Excessive Orderliness are good predictors of insisting on political correctness. Conversely, Low Agreeableness and Low Orderliness (my bent) would predict a low degree of political correctness.

Lastly, being low on Withdrawal seems like it’s good for happiness. And certainly, I’m typically fairly pleased. Right here is a few of what my report says about being very low on Withdrawal:

People very low in withdrawal virtually by no means undergo from or are impeded by anticipatory nervousness. They will deal with new, unsure, sudden, threatening or advanced conditions very nicely. They’re far much less more likely to keep away from or withdraw within the face of the unknown and sudden.

Individuals with very low ranges of withdrawal really feel unhappy, lonesome, disenchanted and grief-stricken very sometimes—and, in the event that they do, don’t really feel these feelings deeply nor for lengthy. Their lives are usually markedly freed from doubt, fear, embarrassment, self-consciousness and discouragement, even within the face of real risk and punishment. They’re proof against and infrequently anxious about social rejection, and virtually by no means really feel damage or threatened.

Total, I really feel very fortunate to have the disposition I’ve. Individuals someday act as if I’m an alien, as a result of I’m excessive in some facets of my character. However I really feel I’ve had a really pleasant life.

To sum up, I’m a hardworking, freewheeling, enthusiastic, assertive, pleased, steady, convention-breaking artist-intellectual who cares about individuals.



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